On the Second Day of Marmalade – Christmas flavours!

It’s time for the second #MarmaladeDay as we celebrate the Seville Orange at Christmas, and there was only ever one option – it has to be Christmas Marmalade! Nothing says season’s greetings like a jar of delicious Christmas preserve, cooked in the traditional open-pan method. http://shop.mackays.com/products/christmas-marmalade Mackays' Christmas Marmalade is only available across the festive [...]

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On the First Day of Marmalade

We’re celebrating Christmas with a twist this December – join us for our 12 days of Marmalade, as we bring you amazing gift ideas, heart-warming stories and a behind-the-scenes look at the Marmalade Awards this Christmas. The Seville Orange is stocked for an extremely short period of time in December and January, meaning that for [...]

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Quality Artisan marmalade is on the rise in Britain, as small producers use their results from the World’s Original Marmalade Awards to champion their products. In this age of mass production these talented creators and producers shine, and the future of marmalade has never looked brighter. Last year’s Double Gold winner Sarah Churchill, of ‘Artisan [...]

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