Christmas is celebrated on every continent around the globe, with over 70 countries bringing their own traditions and joy to the day. And of course, other religions and cultures have their own winter celebrations, making it a universal time of joy and love all over the world. In the same way that different people bring something special to the idea of Christmas, so different countries bring their own unique ideas and flavours to marmalade – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


A beautiful entry from India

In 2016 we had entries from over 25 countries including Japan, Australia, South Africa, Germany, the Bahamas, Singapore and Tenerife. With these came fantastic local flavours; marmalade from Australia is wonderfully fresh, due to the abundance of fruit ready to preserve almost straight off the tree, while Japan dazzles with a delicious range of Yuzu marmalades, a unique and interesting new flavour. We are hoping to encourage lots more marmalades from all over the world in 2017 with the Mackays Commonwealth & International Marmalade category. Is there something your country has that makes the marmalade totally unique? What secret ingredients can raise your entry over the heads of all the others?

We would love to welcome winners from all over the globe in 2017, and just as the cultures and traditions of each country create unique and wonderful Christmasses, so they can be used as inspiration to create the best marmalade your country has to offer. There is something so magical about the idea that your marmalade is sent from the furthest reaches of the globe to us here at Dalemain, where they are lovingly unwrapped by our volunteers and set together in a fantastic array of creativity and skill.

If you have friends anywhere around the world, encourage them to enter the competition this winter – they can donate their entry money to their chosen local charity, and help to spread joy not just in Cumbria but in their own country too. What better gift could you ask for this Christmas?

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