We are very pleased to announce that our Dalemain Apple & Brandy Marmalade has been given a one-star award at the 2018 Great Taste Awards. Much like the Dalemain Marmalade Awards, the Great Taste Awards look for the best of the best. Only 40% of the 12,634 entries are deemed delicious enough for an Award, and our Apple & Brandy Marmalade is now one of this elite bunch.

The marmalade was described by the judges as having “juicy bittersweet notes from the grapefruits well balanced with sweetness from the apple and a rather warming finish from the brandy”, and we can’t help but agree.

This new Great Taste Award means that now four of our Dalemain marmalades are officially award-winning. Our Jane’s Marmalade holds two stars, and our George’s, Bishop’s and now Apple & Brandy Marmalades all hold one star each. This is an achievement we are very proud of!

Our Apple & Brandy Marmalade, as well as the rest of our Marmalade Collection is available to buy in our Marmalade Shop at Dalemain, or online.