The Australian Festival of Marmalade 2020

We are delighted to announce that the Australian Marmalade Awards ‘Dalemain Down Under’  are back for 2020! 

It’s been quite the year, but we have some excellent orange news – the Australian Marmalade Awards will once more be held in partnership with the National Trust of South Australia. This marks the 5th Anniversary of this wonderful community event.

The competitions are now open, and the deadline is Friday 25th September – so Aussie marmalade makers, get your pans out and start preserving! As always, there will be a Homemade and an Artisan category, so whether you are a marmalade making expert or a first timer, there’s a category for you. To see the list of categories and find out more about the competitions, click HERE. 

The judging will take place in Adelaide, the home of Australian marmalade, with special help from Jane Hasell-McCosh, founder of the Marmalade Awards, who will be tasting the finalists on the other side of the globe right here in the UK!

The winners will be announced at the Marmalade Festival on Sunday 1st November at Stangate House, in Aldgate.

Head over to the Australian Marmalade Awards website for special videos and interviews including a masterclass on making Oxford Marmalade, and an interview with world citrus expert and Marmalade Awards patron Ian Tolley on choosing the very best fruit for marmalade. Simply visit

For more information, contact:  Dr Darren Peacock, Chief Executive Officer, National Trust of South Australia

0409 494 014


Jane Hasell-McCosh has always felt a strong connection to Australia, and hopes to use the Awards to champion the Australian citrus industry. The family have ties to Australia through Martindale Hall, which was built in Australia in the 1800’s by the descendant of a Steward of Dalemain in a failed attempt to win the heart of Frances Hasell, daughter of the house. While fighting to keep this house in the hands of the Australian people, Jane gained close connections with the Australian National Trust, and the idea of developing a second Marmalade festival ‘down under’, to champion Australian heritage, was born.

The Australians have a Marmy Army who love marmalade and each year the town of Buninyong collects marmalade from all over Australia to enter in the Marmalashes’, an Australian cricket team of marmalade sent to challenge the English, who send up their finest team in response. The winning ‘Marmalashes’ Trophy is kept safely behind lock and key in Buninyong court house, where Jane visited it in 2010. The Australian Marmalade Festival will develop and strengthen these ties, whilst introducing more Australians to the love of marmalade and helping to raise money and awareness for the South Australian National Trust and End of Life Care.