We are proud to announce that our Bishop’s Marmalade has received 2 Stars in the 2020 Great Taste Awards.

Made with Lemon and Quince, this has always been one of our favourite marmalades, and we are so pleased that the Great Taste judges agree with us about how special the flavour is.

They described it as; ‘A wonderful balance of sweet and sharp notes with a delicious bite of softly cooked fruit and a lemon citrus ending. Delicious on its own or with cheese.’

Another judge commented; ‘This marmalade is brimming with fleshy fruit pieces. Very appealing zesty fruit aromas on the nose, the smell is evocative of old fashioned kitchen garden homeliness.  This marmalade would not be out of place on a cheeseboard as an alternative to membrillo … Exquisite tasting and an exciting new flavour combination.’

We quite agree!

This marmalade has a special place in the hearts of the Hasell family here at Dalemain. Ancestor Elizabeth Rainbow made her marmalade out of quince for her husband, the Bishop of Carlisle in the 1660s. We carefully recreated it from her original recipe and it has been delighting marmalade lovers ever since.

Sweeter than most, it’s fantastic for those who claim marmalade is too bitter and is a gateway into marmalade eating.

We have been very proud to send our artisan marmalades all over the UK and indeed the world during the coronavirus pandemic. At one point it did not look as though the Great Taste Awards would be possible, and we are so pleased that so many quality businesses will be receiving recognition for their fantastic products after such a difficult year. We hope that people will enjoy eating this award-winning marmalade, whether on toast, with cheese or just by the spoonful!

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