For those of you not quite up to marmalade speed Jane Hasell-McCosh, the founder of The World's Original Marmalade Festival flew around the world in 2014 to spread the orange word and to raise further awareness for Hospice at home, or as it is called in Australia Palliative Care. During the month of October she [...]

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History of Martindale Hall

Of the love stories that derive from the English country house, that glorious melting pot of history, there are hundreds. Maids and footmen beginning a steamy affair to be kept in strictest confidence from the disapproving eyes of their superiors and nostalgic scenes of stable boys tumbling through haystacks with scullery maids. There are stories [...]

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Australia Tour 2014 – Nhill country show

We then moved onto the Nhill country show where Jane was invited to enter her marmalade as a last minute entry. The C.W.A which is the Australian equivalent of the English W.I. were in the middle of the judging and there was a wonderful assortment of homemade cakes, beautiful flowers, decorated eggs, vegetables and of [...]

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Dalemain links to Martindale Hall

Martindale Hall in South Australia has a wonderful link with Cumbria and indeed Dalemain. Edmund Bowman built it in 1869 with marriage in mind to the then Miss Hasell of Dalemain. He wanted to create somewhere where she would have a home away from home. Unfortunately and very sadly she wasn't brave enough to make [...]

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