Introduction by Mark Lewis, Publisher, The Caterer

The best restaurant kitchens are built around talented head chefs who inspire us at The Caterer magazine not just because of the way they run their dining rooms and kitchens but also because they possess many different skills that help them create extraordinary menus and remarkable dishes. In Britain today we have a mighty number of world-class cooks, and even today – after decades of writing about the vigour and complexity of restaurants and hospitality – we can’t help but be dazzled over and over by the flair and ingenuity shown by so many chefs we see, from amazing breakfasts through to remarkable evening feasts.

This year The Caterer Magazine wanted to support The World Marmalade Awards and help them find the best preserve made in-house by restaurants around the world. Great chefs and cooks know how to capture the flavour of ingredients and maintain their integrity and vibrancy on the plate, so we thought “let’s celebrate restaurants who can do the same with a citrus preserve”, one that can be part of a simple breakfast or a glorious dessert.

The Caterer Best Restaurant Marmalade Award exists to encourage restaurants to make preserves in their kitchens and to showcase the impressive talent contained within many kitchens around the world.

This year there were many top-notch entries, but one in particular dazzled us.

We’re proud to annouce that the winner of The Caterer Award for Best Hotel & Restaurant Marmalade 2017 is…

Clavelshay Barn Restaurant
for their Seville Orange Marmalade with Amaretto
Marmalade maker, and restaurant owner: Sue Milverton
Head chef: Olivier Certain

The judges at the Marmalade Awards were impressed by marmalade’s complex and rich citrus aroma, an excellent set and tender peel, a true Seville orange flavour, and paired with that a subtle almond flavour from the Amaretto liquor that made it a joy to eat. We could imagine it working as the base for a desserts, as part of a sweet element within a savoury course, and of course an elegant part of a simple breakfast. We congratulate Sue Milverton who made the winning marmalade, chef Olivier Certain, and their team at Clavelshay Barn Restaurant

Mark Lewis
The Caterer

Wednesday – Saturday: Dinner from 7pm
Sunday: Lunch from 12pm – 2pm
*Open at other times for private events by arrangement.
For details please ring us on 01278 662629
Market Menu available Wednesday and Thursday evenings 2 courses £14.95 & 3 courses £19.95
Lower Clavelshay Farm, North Petherton, Taunton TA6 6PJ
Tel: 01278 662 629

The winners story: Sue Milverton at Clavelshay Barn Restaurant

clavelshaybarn_roomI make marmalade because I enjoy making it and because our chef Olivier Certain at Clavelshay Barn Restaurant in North Petherton, Somerset, does not have time, but he is very happy with me making preserves for the restaurant.

The basic recipe I used is from Vivien Lloyd (her First Preserves Book), it works better than any recipe I have ever used, and I follow it carefully. I buy organic Seville oranges from Ave Maria Farm (in Spain) as they give the clearest jelly and the best set.

clavelshaybarn_breadHow did the idea come about? Well I’d made marmalade for years for the family and for my Bed & Breakfast guests, but I’d never really put alcohol in it before. I did try one last year but I thought this year I’d have a go again with a different spirit, and thought ‘hmmm, almonds…oranges… they go well together and both come from Spain’ so I tried using Amaretto liqueur.

The winning Seville Marmalade with Amaretto was the second batch I made. The earlier one was darker than I’d wanted, as I’d used a different saucepan and took a long time to come to reach the right temperature. So, I made another batch and that was the version that won.

clavelshaybarn_dessertWe haven’t used a lot of marmalade on the menu before but I suspect we will be now. Homemade is better, without doubt, as I find the shop-bought marmalade too sweet for my taste.

Last year I made some and put it little jars to give to mums who came on Mother’s Day, they really loved that. It was a simple thing we could do that made it special for them. We could have bought something else but to give them a gift we’d made in our kitchen made it very personal for the customers.

clavelshaybarn_dinnerTo other restaurant owners and their kitchens, I’d say ‘have a go!’ and make preserves. We have a Bramley apple tree in the garden which gives us tons of apples. The chef has made chutney and purées and I made an apple and mint jelly which we serve with roast lamb.

Our chef has used some marmalade in dishes, for example we have made a roasted gammon dish that has a Seville marmalade glaze. We also use it in the bar in house-made fruit vodka. At the moment we are using home-made rhubarb vodka which we serve as a shot with rhubarb cheesecake and ginger ice-cream. I always put a tablespoon of marmalade in my fruit cake mixture too.

Looks like marmalade will soon be featuring on the menu at Clavelshay Barn Restaurant!