Dalemain has always been famous for its interesting and unusual plant combinations, and I wanted to share with you some of my favourites that are currently blooming.

Firstly, the alliums and variegated comfrey are in flower on the terrace and in the high garden. Two of my favourite flowers, the alliums are such a shock of colour, against the delicate variegated comfrey. I love variegated flowers, and think they are so much more interesting to look at.

Next up, the wonderful statement of complimentary colours low growing on the front of a south facing border. This is Sedum Purple Emperor Centauria Montana and the wallflower erysimum winter emperor. Such bold names for such bold and colourful blooms!

Then we have the gorgeous Euphorbia Characias, entwined with the Anthemis Tinctoria ‘sauce hollandaise’. Both flowers are very happy in drought conditions on the terrace, and will provide flowers and colour for months!

Finally, I love this old fashioned rose, which faces south in front of the yellow hop. They flourish in harmony together against the medieval brick wall. Beautiful.