We spoke in a previous blog about the joys of Christmas marmalade at this time of year, and today we want to flip this idea in another, equally festive direction – how can you involve marmalade in your delicious Christmas meals this December?

marm-cakeWe’ve already had fantastic suggestions, from basting your turkey to putting it in the Christmas cake, and we’d love to know more ways in which you use the world’s favourite preserve to make your food extra delicious, putting it in, on or alongside both traditional and new festive flavours. Personally, we’ve always maintained that putting marmalade on cakes is a sure fire way to improve almost any bake, so why not add a layer under the icing on your Christmas cake this year? And we’ve all heard of honey-roasted parsnips, but using marmalade is a great way to add an interesting kick without overdoing it on the sweetness front. Marmalade is a fantastically versatile preserve, and the wide range of award winning flavours means that finding the perfect accompaniment has never been easier. So get creative this Christmas, and let us know what marmalade additions make December 25th extra special for you – comment below or tweet us at @MarmaladeAwards

If the answer is a marmalade you’ve made yourself, then you know what to do – check out our competitions, and send it to Dalemain by February 10th, so that we can be the judge of it.

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