Here at Dalemain we’ve got over 100 varieties of old fashioned roses, each with its own glorious scent and beautiful colours. But what you might not know, is that every rose has its own story too.

We are delighted to announce a special series of rose tours. These are designed to give visitors the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating history of the Dalemain rose collection. Building on the research done by archivist Frances Wilkins for her book The Tale of 100 Dalemain Roses and their Breeders, these tours will introduce visitors to the beautiful old-fashioned roses blooming in the Dalemain gardens, and some of the stories behind them.

There are 33 types of old fashioned roses growing on the terrace at Dalemain alone! Frances has been able to discover not only more about they breeds of rose, but also about the people who planted them. The roses come from all over the world, including the UK, France, Canada, Denmark and Luxembourg. The planters from amateurs to geneticists, and each rose tells a story.

From the Ballerina rose, planted by Reverend Joseph Pemberton, who supposedly named it for a great niece he saw dancing in the garden, to the Crimson Shower, a favourite of Albert Norman, a diamond cutter who preferred flowers to fortune, there are so many wonderful tales that will offer a whole new insight into the world of roses. Join one of our tours and learn the secrets hiding in these beautiful scented petals!

There are four tours taking place, two on 2nd July and two on 16th July. The tours are:

2nd July at 11am – The French Roses

2nd July at 2pm – The UK Roses

16th July at 11am – The European Roses

16th July at 2pm – The American Roses and their explorers

Each tour will last approximately 1 hour. Tours are £10, with a 10% discount when you book two or more tours. To book a place on a tour, please contact Florence Lindeman on 017684 86450 or

As a visitor to Frances’ Rose Day in 2018 commented “I will never look at a rose quite the same way again because I will want to know its story.”