Christmas is a time for taking stock and being grateful, and this December we want to thank all of our wonderful volunteers who have already begun preparations for the 2017 Marmalade Awards. We have received our first packages of marmalade here at Dalemain, and we hope that they will soon begin racing in as the Seville Season begins! Our volunteers help us to unwrap, log and store all of the marmalade safely, so that they are all ready for the judges and we can keep track of the proud owner of every entry. They take an incredible amount of care over every jar, which goes on an extraordinary journey from when it is first packed up and sent on its travels to the Festival Weekend, when it is proudly displayed with its mark card in Dalemain’s beautiful Dining Rooms.


Here are some of the wonderful volunteers who make the festival possible – here they are organising hundreds of jars! They love to receive your letters with information about your entry, whether it’s a story about the recipe, the country fro which it was sent or a lovely family story you simply had to share. We’ve had tales of mothers making the same marmalade recipe year in, year out, and their daughters taking on the tradition, of a mountain rescue man who collected water from the top of the fell to make his marmalade, and of marmalade made using Viking inspired methods and traditional hedgerow fruits! Your stories and images keep everyone at Dalemain wonderfully entertained and in love with your marmalades, so please do keep them coming in 2017.

We can’t wait for more jars to start arriving, and we hope that the fact so many people are so inspired by the Marmalade Awards and care so much about making them possible will inspire you to send your best marmalades yet in 2017 – and if you send it with a story, it just might make our day.

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