Here at the Marmalade Awards we have always been keen to promote innovation and creativity in preserves – marmalade is far more than just an orange spread to have on your toast in the morning (wonderful and crucial though that is!) We love to champion new flavours and methods and have been on the hunt for marmalades to eat with ‘fur, fish and fowl’ with our Macnab category, ‘Merry Marmalades’ with a spot of alcohol, and ‘Gardener’s Marmalade’ with home grown ingredients.

In 2018 we’re delighted to be taking this one step further with a fantastic new competition created by our sponsors and supporters Thursday Cottage – ‘The Thursday Cottage Award for Innovation.’ This Award is open to all entries in the Homemade Awards and we will be looking for the marmalade that best encapsulates what is exciting and ever changing about everyone’s favourite preserve. Think your flavours are something a bit special? This could be your chance to prove it.

All entrants into the Homemade Awards will be considered for the prize, and it’s well worth the effort – as well as being invited to the winner’s reception and receiving the Award at the Festival in March, the winner will be invited to visit the factory at Thursday Cottage, where they still produce all of their marmalade in small batches in a nut free environment using the ‘open pan’ method, before being treated to lunch in the beautiful café.

The Award for Innovation could be won by anyone, from First Timers to Children, so get your thinking caps on and try to create the most innovative marmalade the world has ever seen! We’ve had marmalade made with tea, peanut butter and seaweed, so the options really are endless! But do think carefully about what flavours really compliment each other, which spices bring out the zing of the citrus without overpowering it, and how much sweetness can benefit your preserve before it loses that wonderful marmalade flavour.

Good luck…and may the best taste win!