Jane's MarmaladeEvery year, the Guild of Fine Food organises the Great Taste Awards. The Awards are a global food and drink competition, which names the best in cuisine that year. Following last year’s success with our Bishop’s Marmalade, we entered two of our Dalemain marmalades this time: Jane’s Marmalade, and George’s Marmalade. We’re very proud to say that both of our entered marmalades have been awarded Great Taste stars, making them some of the best foods in the world.

George’s Marmalade gained one star, a feat which only around a quarter of the 12,000 entries receive. This marmalade contains Seville orange and lemon, and uses the original Hasell family recipe.

Jane’s Marmalade achieved two stars, putting it in the top 1000 foods in the world this year! It uses a great blend of Seville orange, lemon, and grapefruit, and is one of our most popular marmalades.

Our Great Taste Judges’ Comments

Jane’s Marmalade – Two Stars:

This is certainly an adult marmalade with full flavoured bitter orange and grapefruit giving wonderful thoughts of breakfast.

A 'proper' marmalade with tender, chunky rind and a good tang.

George’s Marmalade – One Star:

A good set, a decent flavour of peel, the Seville orange shines.

Good looking marmalade.

We’re very pleased with this achievement, and we hope that we continue to produce such outstanding marmalade. Both Jane’s and George’s Marmalade are available for sale in our online shop, and at the House too, so please come along to try it!