Once again, it’s the time of year when many groups and societies are thinking of booking their annual outing. Well, why not make it Dalemain this year? A unique and quirky family home in the Lake District, we have over 35 years experience in organising group visits.

Group visits outside our normal opening hours may be considered. Price on application.

Group Admission Charges 2019

  • Entry to the Mansion & Historic Gardens – £8.50 per person
  • Entry with a Guided tour of the Mansion –  £9.00 per person
  • Entry to the Historic Gardens only – £7.00

Benefit for the group organiser:

  • Free familiarisation visit (by prearrangement)
  • Free entry to House & Gardens
  • Free refreshment voucher for the tearoom in Medieval Hall

Booking Your Visit

Please contact Miss Florence Lindeman on 017684 86450 or email: houseopeningadmin@dalemain.com

On Arrival

On arrival, Miss Florence Lindeman will welcome you and your group. In the shop, payment will be taken and you will be provided with all information about the facilities on site.

Access Information

If a member of your group is in a wheelchair, we can meet them in the car park with a car in order to drive them into the courtyard where the entrance to tearoom and house are more easily accessible. The ground floor of the house is accessible although the second floor is accessed by a short stone spiral staircase or a straight wooden staircase and is therefore not suitable for wheelchair users.

There is no charge for visitors who cannot access all facilities.
Toilets for the disabled are located in the courtyard.

Wheelchair & Scooter Availability

A wheelchair for use in the house and an electric scooter for use in the garden are available on a first come first served basis. To pre-book, please contact Miss Florence Lindeman on 017684 86450.

House Tours

Your party can choose to have a guided tour (50p extra cost per person) or to visit the house at their own pace and ask questions of the guides in the house.

A guided tour can accommodate a maximum of 15 people so larger groups would need to split into smaller groups.

If there is a subject that your party is particularly interested in, if you let us know in advance, the guide can highlight specific relevant aspects
during the tour.

Specialist Tours

We offer a number of exclusive tours here at Dalemain for visitors wanting to go behind the scenes for something a bit special. With Marmalade talks, visits to Dacre church and our special ‘Secret Dalemain’ tour, there’s something for everyone. CLICK HERE for more information about our specialist tours.

Japanese Specialist Tours:

“NHK ドキュメンタリー 魔法の庭ダルメイン“ 特別ガーデンツアーがまもなくスタート!

NHKが製作放映した湖水地方に構えるダルメイン マンションでのワイルドライフやその由緒あるヘーゼル=マッコシュ家についてのドキュメンタリー番組にインスピレーションを得て2018年より新たにスタートするテーマ別特別ツアーに是非ご参加ください。 どこにリス達が住みハリネズミ達に何が起こったのかを実際に発見し、そして美味しいアップルミントゼリーと果樹園で摘まれた新鮮なりんごを味わってみるのはいかがでしょうか。

またダルメイン マンションの当主夫人ジェーン ヘーゼル=マッコシュと彼女の家族への理解を更に深めるための日本語による特別なお屋敷案内ツアーの企画もあります。 10月3日にNHKで放映されるドキュメンタリー、魔法の庭ダルメイン 〜秋冬 そして 春〜をどうぞお見逃しなく。

特別ツアーに関しての詳しい情報、ご予約についてはフローレンス リンドマン ( Florence Lindeman) 宛にe-mail にてご連絡ください。marketing@dalemain.com


Our licensed tearoom in the Medieval Old Hall serves food and refreshments on a counter system basis between 10am and 4.30pm (3pm winter)
You can pre-book meals if your party would like to eat together. We can accommodate a maximum of 45 people at one time.


Ample free coach parking is available in our main car park.

Click here for more information about our Group Tours