The gardens are looking completely fabulous at the moment, with Dalemain’s famous Meconopsis still in flower! This blue poppy, peculiar to Dalemain, is looking stunning in multiple shades of blue. We cannot guarantee how much longer it will bloom for, so urge visitors wishing to see the poppies in all their splendour to come and pay a visit now. The rose terrace is also at its peak, with a gorgeous array of blossoms and flowers. A true highlight of the gardens, these too are looking their best in June/early July, so we recommend visitors wishing to see them in all their glory make a visit soon.

There are many other beautiful flowers throughout the gardens this Summer. Lupins, violas and peonies flourish, and we are delighted to have giant Himalayan lilies in bloom in the high garden. We have a selection of photographs below, to give you a hint of the delights that await you at Dalemain.

Our annual Plant Fair took place on 19th June and was a complete joy, with displays from the finest nurseries in the North West, as well as an array of craft and artisan food stalls. The variety of beautiful plants was something very special, and we are already looking forward to next year. We hope that everyone who attended had a lovely day.

We look forward to seeing you soon,
-The Dalemain Gardening Team


Dalemain Meconopsis Grandis

This wonderful poppy is still in bloom here at Dalemain. Growing up to about three feet high, it is a stately plant with a gorgeous variety of blue shades. It flowers throughout June, and prefers damp (but not boggy) conditions.


Dalemain’s Rose Terrace – There are a stunning array of roses in flower along the side of Dalemain Mansion, including:

Cramoisi Superior, the red China Rose ~

Tuscany Superb, a Gallica Rose ~

Albertine Pink Rose ~

Easleas Golden Rambler ~ 

The combination of roses ensures that visitors are greeted with a heavenly array of smells and colours. The perfect entrance to a quality English garden.

Variagated Comfrey ~

This plant is a particular favourite of Jane Hasell-McCosh. Understated yet beautiful, it can be cut right back, only to grow back even stronger. It is looking lovely here next to the purple Allium, which looks fantastic year after year.

Cranbe Cordifolia ~

Blooming on the rose terrace, this delicate flower looks perfect alongside the Campanula, which we love.

Peonies ~

We have a whole peony bed at Dalemain, and these pink flowers are our particular favourite.

Old China Blush Rose ~

This rose grows at the front of the house, around the corner from the rose walk terrace. This rose is very old and very long flowering, blooming almost all year round. The perfect place for a tranquil seat.

Cardiocrinum ~

This giant Himalayan Lilly takes seven years to flower. The gardeners at Dalemain are delighted to have produced these beautiful blooms, the first to bloom at Dalemain in recent years.