River Eamont

Canoeing & Kayaking the River Eamont

Persons seeking to gain access or travel upon the River Eamont must first contact the Dalemain Estate Office by telephone (017684 86450, option 2) or email (estateadmin@dalemain.com) leaving their name, contact details and number in their group. Dalemain Estates acts on behalf of the Eamont Owners Association (EOA) the riparian owners. No right of navigation exists on the stretches of the river within the control of the EOA and persons failing to contact the estate office may make themselves liable to legal action.

Please note that permission will not be granted during the month of November, when salmon are spawning on the river. Permission may also be denied at other times as deemed appropriate i.e. water levels & shooting events.  Our gamekeeper monitors the River Eamont and it’s traffic and reports any unauthorised access.

There may be a small charge, depending on group size, to cover admin costs.

Dragging canoes across the river bed is forbidden as this damages the shale beds and salmon egg beds.  Canoes & kayaks must be carried if there is insufficient water. Where access has been arranged well ahead of the trip it is advisable to ring the estate office during dry periods to check if water levels are sufficient for canoeing before setting off for the river.

Canoeists are requested to take care when encountering fishermen on the river and wait for the fisherman to acknowledge their presence and then indicate which side of the river it is safe to pass.  Care should always be taken as the flies and hooks being used can be very dangerous.

The river can be accessed from Lake Ullswater, the car park at Pooley Bridge or Pooley Mill (no parking available).

If you wish to exit the River at Brougham Castle, please seek permission from Mr J S Slack at Brougham Castle Farm, Tel. (01768) 862123.

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Further information contact the Dalemain Estate Office on 017684 86450 or email estateadmin@dalemain.com