The Award-Winning Gardens in Winter

As the restrictions lifted it was wonderful to welcome visitors back to Dalemain We have loved welcoming visitors back to Dalemain, with the gardens being many peoples highlight of their trip. Despite the change in weather and the garden starting to be put to bed for the season, many areas still look resplendent and there is plenty for everyone to see. It has been surprising how many plants have still been in flower so late in the season! As always we are continuing to develop the garden, adding that something special for every visitor.

The Spiral Garden

The Gardens at Dalemain are always changing and developing, the most recent project was to plant campanulas within the smaller spiral garden. When the weather starts to warm these will provide a colourful addition to our unique spiral gardens.

The Terrace

Our lockdown project was to create the sloping lawn. This was shaped to form different levels, with seating and gorgeous views. The black and white planting has been bedded in nicely, providing a striking and distinctive area. The family were very much looking forward to sharing this new space with visitors and we would love to hear your feedback about this part of the garden.

Wildlife in the Gardens

During summer we planted many scented and white plants and created more places to sit in the garden. Everyone can now spend more time in the garden with plenty of places to sit and listen to the birds. Many different birds are spotted in the garden all year round and are a joy to watch. The Lake District is a prime place to see red squirrels and we are proud to say that many roam our garden, how many will you spot?

We hope that you will enjoy visiting the Dalemain gardens this winter, and do make sure to share any photos you take of your visit!

– The Dalemain Gardening Team

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