The Great Barn

Nostalgic memories – The Agriculture & Fell Pony Museum

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The Great Barn, situated in the courtyard at Dalemain, was built in the 1500s and is one of the largest and most impressive loft barns in the north of England. The roof height was raised in 1685 by order of Sir Edward Hasell. The barn, which has a monastic feel, now houses the agricultural and fell pony museum on the upper floor. It is stuffed full of the most extraordinary range of things seldom seen nowadays but which bring back nostalgic memories of past-times.

This museum is home to an exceptional collection of agricultural implements which have only become outdated through the mechanisation of the last seventy years. It is full of various equipment, from carts and ploughs to hand tools and bric-a-brac of a bygone country life.

The Fell Pony Museum

Sylvia McCosh, mother of current owner Robert Hasell-McCosh, bred Fell Ponies including many prize winners and exported stallions to both Canada and Pakistan. The Fell Pony museum is therefore a beautiful colllection that includes some of her prizes, as well as harnesses, tack and a blacksmith’s workshop.

The exhibition has been put together with the support of the Fell Pony Society, who host their Stallion Show and Fell Pony Breed Show at Dalemain every year. For more information visit: and make sure you ‘like’ them on Facebook:

With beautiful handpainted murals of the ponies and show cases full of artefacts, make sure you do not miss this worthwhile collection telling something of the Lake District traditional breed which have their origins in the hardy, black ponies of Romano Britain. If you would like to find out more about this unique museum, visit: The museum is free to enter for visitors to Dalemain and is a fascinating place to visit for young and old alike.

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