The Award-Winning Gardens in Spring


Although the Gardens remain closed during lockdown, for the safety of our staff and visitors, we wanted to share some photos of the changes Spring is making. We hope that you will enjoy this virtual look at the gardens, and we look forward to welcoming you back when things return to normal.

The wonderful weather has brought the gardens buzzing into life, with crocuses, apple blossom and quince bursting into colour. The bees have been enjoying the blooms, and we are looking forward to the arrival of the Blue Poppies in the lower garden, towards the end of May.

As the gardens warm up, Jane and her son George have been able to unwrap the tree ferns. They were put into their ghostly garb of garden fleece and straw in the Autumn, to protect them from the frost. They are doing very well, but were in need of a good drink! The recent rain was much welcomed, as the sunshine has been keeping things very dry.

The tulips are coming out under the silver fir, and down in the low garden the shade means that the daffodils have lasted enormously well. Their carpet of colour has been wonderful this year. In the high garden, the cinara along the terrace is looking fantastic. Over winter, we added some seating along the terraced rose walk. They were built with beautiful ancient sandstone edges, a signature style of the garden. Some of these we found buried deep down in the border where they have descended over the centuries! We look forward to sharing this with visitors when it is safe to do so.

All of our apple trees had an excellent prune this winter, overseen by Hilary. They are now blossoming beautifully as a result.

Wildlife in the gardens

Our plan for the top of the garden is to plant many scented and white plants and create more places to sit to enjoy the garden. Everyone will be able to spend time sitting and listening to the birds. We have over 30 different birds in the garden which are a joy. Of course we also have red squirrels that are out and about on some of these warmer days.

The wider estate

We have been very busy with the lambing, and recently some calves were born. It has been the perfect weather for lambing, and it must be lovely to arrive into such sunshine! We hope that people have been able to enjoy being outside responsibly.

– The Dalemain Gardening Team

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We look forward to welcoming you to Dalemain!