The Award-Winning Gardens in Summer


We have loved welcoming visitors back to Dalemain, and the gardens are looking extraordinarily beautiful at this time of year. We have been blessed with good weather, and it has been wonderful to see so many people enjoying all elements of the gardens in the sunshine, from the numerous seating areas to the quiet of the Dacre beck. We hope to welcome lots more visitors to Dalemain as the summer continues.

The roses

This is the best time of year for our old-fashioned roses, and hundreds of species are currently in full flower, bringing a glorious array of scent and colour to the terrace and rose walk. With pinks, yellows, reds and – of course – marmalade orange, it’s a treat for all the senses. Make sure you pay us a visit soon to see them in full bloom.

The terrace

The sloping lawn was a lockdown project, and has been shaped to form different levels, with seating and gorgeous views. The black and white planting is bedding in nicely, and provides a striking and distinctive area. We would love to hear your feedback about this newest part of the garden, which the family are very much looking forward to sharing with visitors.

Wildlife in the gardens

Our plan for the top of the garden is to plant many scented and white plants and create more places to sit to enjoy the garden. Everyone will be able to spend time sitting and listening to the birds. We have over 30 different birds in the garden which are a joy. Of course we also have red squirrels that are out and about on some of these warmer days.

Our Garden Heritage Tours

With the mansion currently closed, our guides have been delighted to instead offer a ‘heritage tour’ of the gardens and wider estate. Beginning in the historic courtyard, this tour takes visitors into the garden and offers an historical introduction to them. Find out which Hasells created which parts, how Richard III is involved, and why the garden wall is based on the Great Wall of China…

We hope that you will enjoy visiting the Dalemain gardens this summer, and do make sure to share any photos you take of your visit!

– The Dalemain Gardening Team

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