Can you believe it; the record for entries to the Marmalade Awards has been beaten again this year, with even more masterful marmalade makers from all over the world sending in their jars for scrutiny by our well known and highly respected judges. The jars have been arriving in droves and by the looks of things, marmalade makers have become even more inventive for 2015, not only in their use of ingredients but also with their label designs for these golden pots of sticky deliciousness.

More than 2,600 jars have been sent by marmalade makers to the organisers of the quirky awards & festival which are being held next weekend at Dalemain Mansion near Penrith, Cumbria. Entries have come from as far afield as Australia, Canada, Japan and this year they are proud to add Denmark, India, The Bahamas and Singapore to the list of international entries.

Artisan, Hotel, B&B and Restaurant marmalade entries have also increased this year in comparison to previous years, firmly asserting that the awards are ‘THE’ competition for marmalade makers worldwide wanting to prove the worth of their marmalade against national and international competitors

All of the award winners will be announced at 11am on Saturday 28th February 2015 with great fanfare at Dalemain and The Marmalade awarded Double Gold will be offered the opportunity to sell their marmalade at Fortnum & Mason; an unrivalled opportunity in the preserving world.

The Marmalade Festival takes place on Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March from 10am-4pm. Activities include the award ceremony; a 10k Marmalade run, a marmalade question time; workshops on marmalade; an Ivan Day lecture; chefs demonstrations; wine tasting; a lecture about the Ave Maria Seville Estate; artisan food market and readings of Paddington Bear with lots of children’s activites.  A particular highlight is that our patron, Paddington Bear – the movie star, will be taking time out of his busy schedule to attend the festival and will have the opportunity to try over 400 marmalades! Judging of the ‘MarmalAshes’ will also take place on Sunday morning when marmalades sent in from Australia will be pitched against those from the UK.

The event kicks off National Marmalade Week, beginning this year with a ‘Peel’ of Bells at Dalemain which will then reverberate around the country to Exeter Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, Carlisle Cathedral, Worcester Cathedral and St Mary-le-Bow. National Marmalade Week runs from 28th Feb to 7th March and is aimed at encouraging more people to taste, buy and make marmalade. 

Organiser Jane Hasell-McCosh said: “I’m delighted not only by the sheer number of entries into this year’s competition – which exceeds last year but also by the huge take up we’ve had in the new categories this year, especially the Marmalade ‘MacNab’ and ‘A Stirring of the Clans’. I look forward to celebrating our ‘Tenth Anniversary’ with everyone at this years festival, made possible by our wonderful volunteers and sponsors. Without these people and their dedicated support of Marmalade, our Awards & Festival wouldn’t happen. This year the entry numbers are up in the First Timers and the Children’s category and I am deeply grateful to everyone who has entered over the last ten years, whose love of this sticky preserve has enabled the renaissance of marmalade over the last decade!.  We must also look to the future and make sure that the Seville oranges of Seville continue to be grown for this ever increasing market.”


For further information or if you would like to visit the Festival (28th February & 1st March 2015) please contact Lou Lou / 07545550916

Marmalade Awards on Twitter – @MarmaladeAwards
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Notes to editors:
The Marmalade Awards – What they all about?
These quirky awards were founded in 2005 by Jane Hasell-McCosh with the initial idea of preserving, growing and widening one of the most English of customs – making marmalade. They have gone on to generate a following far beyond Jane’s wildest expectations and allow many different varieties of marmalade to come together and allow the judges the great opportunity to taste them all!

The Awards are centred on Dalemain Mansion, a Georgian stately home lived in by the same family for over 300 years, which also happens to hold a very rich archive of Marmalade recipes. The Awards have humour and a life of their own and have inspired people from all over the world to get involved. In 2014, more than 2,200 jars of marmalade were sent in from countries far and wide including South Korea, Greece, USA,Australia and the Philippines.

To date the Dalemain Marmalade Awards & Festival have raised over £150,000 for Hospice at Home.  This year the money raised from amateur entry fees will go to Hospice at Home, Action Medical Research and Marie Curie Scotland.

To find out more about the Marmalade Awards and details of how to enter

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