A special marmalade poem has been shared with us, as part of the Marmalade For a Friend category. This category has resulted in many wonderful stories from people all around the world, sharing why they think their friends and family deserve a marmalade thank you. This poem is one of our favourites. It has come from Australia; from the winner of the 2020 Australian Marmalade Awards herself.

Julie was encouraged to enter the Marmalade Awards by her friend Denise, who was convinced she had the talent to take home the grand prize – and was proven right! When Julie subsequently entered her jars into the global competition, she dedicated a jar to her friend Denise. Denise wrote her a poem to accompany the entry, in celebration of her marmalade making prowess and their friendship. They have kindly agreed that we can share her poem here, and we hope it will serve as inspiration to all marmalade making friends:

Marmalade Queen

Julie’s journey in marmalade made its start
When Denise her friend, made a remark.
They were tasting marmalade made by a person of fame,
‘You can do it too, and better,’ Denise did exclaim.

That conversation, so innocent it seemed,
Started something bigger than could ever be dreamed.

Julie read and made neat notes in her book
All the while thinking, so some time it took.

Yes, she would make the best marmalade around
To that end with her mind and soul she was bound.

For three years solid, she worked and worked
Removing marmalade gremlins wherever they lurked.

Better and better, each jar she created
She and marmalade-perfection were mated.

There were friends who inspected and tasted
So good it was, not a spoonful was wasted.

Julie entered her marmalade into a competition
Never with one idea or suspicion

That she would win double gold
Be Australia’s best. An honour to hold.

She would walk marmalade’s red carpet
Be on TV, sign contracts, enter the commercial market.

So, Julie’s jam will soon to Qantas go,
To England and be, in an international show.

Good luck dear Julie. Whatever the results may be,
You are a winner, that is what we see.

Tis always the journey with its many highs and lows
That makes the crown better, as everybody knows.

Well done Julie.

– Denise Pfeiffer