We are delighted to announce that we have two new Patrons of the World’s Original Marmalade Awards and Festival, as they enter their 13th year.

Russell Luckock founded the Marmalashes in 2010, when he contacted Jane Hasell-McCosh with a challenge – the best 12 Australian marmalades to go head to head with the best English. Following England’s Ashes win, he was determined to beat the English at their own game, and thus started a competition that has flourished ever since. Jane was lucky enough to visit Russell in 2014 for a ‘Marmal Off’, and has been a tireless supporter of the Awards ever since. With the growing success of the Australian Marmalade Festival, we are delighted to welcome Russell on board as a patron of the World’s Original Marmalade Awards and Festival, and look forward to another year of Marmalashes competition!

Ian Tolley is a renowned citrus specialist and global expert in seed production. Author of ‘Commonsense Citrus: A Hands on Guide to Propagation and Planting’, we are thrilled to have his support and expertise. Ian Tolley has been awarded an OAM, Medal of the order of Australia, for his lifelong services to the development of the Australian citrus industry. He has a lifetime’s experience in horticulture and a passion for citrus, making him the perfect patron to champion the Marmalade Festival both in Australia and around the world.

The Awards are only possible with the support and expertise of our patrons, and we are incredibly grateful for all of the work they do. Our full list of patrons can be found HERE. If you would like further information, please contact marmalade@dalemain.com