The Dalemain Marmalade Collection

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Home of ‘The World’s Original Marmalade Awards’, The Dalemain Marmalade Collection showcases five distinctive marmalades, celebrating Dalemain’s history, garden, and family.

At Dalemain, we have judged over forty-five thousand jars of marmalade for the World’s Original Marmalade Competition over the last fifteen years. That’s how we know about what makes a good marmalade. But then, the Hasells have been making marmalade at Dalemain since 1679 and we have learnt a few things along the way. Jane Hasell-McCosh founded the competition to champion marmalade. Inspiring and bringing together a global community of marmalade makers. We are at the centre of marmalade.

Our high-quality collection of marmalades uses that Cumbrian mixture of tradition and innovation and each jar is perfect for someone who really appreciates food, with a marmalade for every meal.

Our collection is available to buy online, in our shop at Dalemain, and also in Fortnum and Mason, London.

  • Dalemain Bishop's Marmalade

    The Bishop’s Marmalade

      Until recently, this marmalade was lost in the dusty recipe book passed down through the family. An ancestor, Elizabeth Rainbow made her marmalade out of quince for her husband who was the Bishop of Carlisle in the 1660s. Carefully recreated for today from her original recipe, this marmalade has an extraordinary vibrancy that is both sweet and sharp. It works well with any food but particularly so with yoghurt or on a freshly cooked croissant. Sweeter than most, it’s a fantastic for those who claim marmalade is too bitter and is a gateway into marmalade eating. It could be tried as a subtle accompaniment to a mature cheese enhancing the complexity of the flavours. MEDIUM CUT  
  • Our trio gift set of Dalemain Marmalades makes a perfect present for any occasion! Each gift set contains three 112g jars of marmalade from our Collection, which may be a different combination from those pictured.
  • Dalemain Kitchen Garden Marmalade

    Kitchen Garden Marmalade

    This is an unusual marmalade. It is made to a Victorian recipe with the addition of rhubarb from our kitchen garden. The initial citrus is enhanced by the texture of the rhubarb and its long notes can be detected as you eat.  Rhubarb and cream go well together but try a fresh scone, whipped cream and this marmalade for an even better combination. MEDIUM CUT
  • Dalemain George's Marmalade

    George’s Marmalade

    A Seville orange is the King of Citrus. This marmalade fulfils all the requirements that you most desire when looking for a Seville orange and lemon marmalade. This is a British favourite and is loved by George, Jane’s son. It has a sophisticated bitter-sweet taste with delicate slivers and bright jelly set. If you are not already eating it for breakfast, it is perfect in a marmalade cocktail and the lemon enhances the taste when tried with fish. MEDIUM CUT
  • We love Christmas at Dalemain and vie for which of the pudding recipes we will use from the vast source in our archive. So, what better than to create a festive marmalade which tastes and smells like Christmas. The cranberry and port suggest a complex aroma combined with recognisable citrus tastes. It can be eaten with mince pies, on toast or even by the spoonful. Be warned: this marmalade is not just for Christmas. 340g. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Treat your loved one to the perfect marmalade lover's gift with a hand-selected preserves hamper! We know that everyone has their own favourite marmalades, and this is the ideal way to pick the perfect preserves for friends and loved ones. Simply select whichever marmalades, chutneys, mugs and gifts you would like to include, and add a 'build your own Dalemain hamper' to the basket. We will then gift wrap it for you. If you have purchased any additional products that you do not want to be included in your hamper, please let us know in the 'order notes' when you place your order. Our hampers can be shipped to a UK address, or select 'CLICK AND COLLECT' to collect it from Dalemain Mansion, Monday - Thursday. *Please note the image is an example of a hamper - all products must be selected and purchased separately*
  • Apple & Brandy Marmalade
    The walled gardens at Dalemain are full of heritage apple trees and this marmalade was often made using windfalls.  Taking this as inspiration, the combination of textures and the complimentary depth of brandy makes it one of our most popular marmalades. The subtle notes of the grapefruit mean the marmalade goes as well with the sweet as with savoury. Added to a gooey, apple sponge cake, you are in the dangerously addictive realm of eating the entire cake in one sitting. MEDIUM CUT


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