The Dalemain Marmalade Collection

The Dalemain Marmalade Collection

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Home of ‘The World’s Original Marmalade Awards’, The Dalemain Marmalade Collection showcases five distinctive marmalades, celebrating Dalemain’s history, garden, and family.

Dalemain is a much loved family home nestling in the heart of Cumbria. It has been hosting The World’s Original Marmalade Awards for the past fourteen years, firmly placing it at the centre of the marmalade map. As the founder of this global event, Jane Hasell-McCosh strongly believes that Marmalade, a quintessentially British preserve, is experiencing a renaissance due to the Awards and Festival. She launched the Dalemain Marmalade Collection because of her passion for marmalade, and the rich archive of recipes at Dalemain going back over the last three centuries. All of the marmalades use the family recipes that have been handed down through the generations, and still taste as good as ever! Our collection is available to buy online, in our shop at Dalemain, and also in Fortnum and Mason, London.

  • Dalemain Bishop's Marmalade

    The Bishop’s Marmalade

    My husband’s ancestor Elizabeth Rainbow made this at the Bishop’s palace, outside Carlisle in the 1660’s. When Bishop Rainbow died she moved down to live with her nephew at Dalemain bringing her recipe books with her, and these have been passed down through the centuries. Not only is the name colourful but the marmalade has an extraordinary exuberance.  It is described as a red marmalade of quince, making it a veritable visual feast. MEDIUM CUT  
  • Dalemain George's Marmalade

    George’s Marmalade

    A favourite with the Son of the house and from the original Hasell family recipe from the Estate.  Hugely fruity, textured with shreds of Seville Orange and Lemon, it is a wonderful full bodied two fruit marmalade. MEDIUM CUT
  • Dalemain Kitchen Garden Marmalade

    Kitchen Garden Marmalade

    A Victorian recipe from the archives.  This delicious marmalade uses the finest tender spring Rhubarb, Seville Oranges and Lemons. A wonderful accompaniment to afternoon tea, it also provides an enlivening start to the day with its fresh, vibrant taste. MEDIUM CUT
  • Dalemain Jane's Marmalade

    Jane’s Marmalade

    Following the original family recipe, Jane's Marmalade is always a favourite! It is a coarse cut marmalade, with lot of flesh and rough cut shreds which gives it an excellent consistency. A proper adult marmalade. COARSE CUT
  • Apple & Brandy Marmalade

    Apple & Brandy Marmalade

    Dalemain has a rich collection of apple trees that range through many centuries. They are always laden with fruit which are picked and stored in the 16th Century grotto, converted into an Apple House by the Victorians. We love the marmalade made using these apples, which has a distinct apple taste which is overlaid with citrus through the addition of lemons and grapefruit. A dash of brandy adds depth to the flavour. MEDIUM CUT
  • Dalemain Christmas Marmalade

    Dalemain's luxury Christmas marmalade is the perfect winter gift for any marmalade lover. Sharp cranberries and smooth port are added to oranges and lemons for a festive preserve that smells and looks like Christmas in a jar! When it's as delicious as this, marmalade is definitely not just for Christmas... 340g. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Dalemain Trio Gift Set

    Marmalade Trio Gift Set

    Our trio gift set of Dalemain Marmalades makes a perfect present for any occasion! Each gift set contains three 112g jars of marmalade from our Collection, which may be a different combination from those pictured.