The Dalemain Marmalade Collection

The Dalemain Marmalade Collection

Home of ‘The World’s Original Marmalade Awards’, The Dalemain Marmalade Collection showcases five distinctive marmalades, celebrating Dalemain’s history, garden, and family.

At Dalemain, we have judged over forty-five thousand jars of marmalade for the World’s Original Marmalade Competition over the last fifteen years. That’s how we know about what makes a good marmalade. But then, the Hasells have been making marmalade at Dalemain since 1679 and we have learnt a few things along the way. Jane Hasell-McCosh founded the competition to champion marmalade. Inspiring and bringing together a global community of marmalade makers. We are at the centre of marmalade.

Our high-quality collection of marmalades uses that Cumbrian mixture of tradition and innovation and each jar is perfect for someone who really appreciates food, with a marmalade for every meal.

Our collection is available to buy online, in our shop at Dalemain, and also in Fortnum and Mason, London.

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