• Dalemain Jane's Marmalade

    Jane’s Marmalade

    Back when she was a child, Jane made this traditional, thick cut marmalade with her mother, coincidentally another Bishop of Carlisle’s wife. This is a proper, adult marmalade and has a rough shred with an abundance of peel giving it a fantastic fullness. Each of the fruit is easily identifiable in generous chunks and works very well with toast, the topping for gingerbread, glazed on a ham or with Cumberland sausages, which is Jane’s favourite option. COARSE CUT
  • Dalemain George's Marmalade

    George’s Marmalade

    A Seville orange is the King of Citrus. This marmalade fulfils all the requirements that you most desire when looking for a Seville orange and lemon marmalade. This is a British favourite and is loved by George, Jane’s son. It has a sophisticated bitter-sweet taste with delicate slivers and bright jelly set. If you are not already eating it for breakfast, it is perfect in a marmalade cocktail and the lemon enhances the taste when tried with fish. MEDIUM CUT

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