Our 2020 Double Gold Award winning marmalade is truly unique. Made from tachibana citrus, which only grows in Japan and is now an endangered species despite its ancient provenance, it is a marmalade like no other.

Noriyuki Enami decided to use the tachibana’s rich scent and sour taste to make a delicious marmalade which could be used to help promote the qualities of the fruit, which is said to have a richer scent and a more refreshing sour taste than Yuzu. In order to ensure a marmalade of the highest quality, Noroyuki used water from the Kakita River spring, Asia’s largest natural spring which is nurtured by the rain and snow melt of Mount Fuji.

We are delighted to have chosen such a special Double Gold marmalade, and we hope that this Award will help Noriyuki to protect both the Heda Tachibana and the Kakita River Spring.