Seville Orange & Rose MarmalAid


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Inspired by Syria’s Narenj Trees (bitter orange)

#8YearsGone since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, but Syrian lives continue to be shattered. MarmalAid is a small reminder of the beautiful tastes of Syria that once delighted our palettes and enchanted our senses.

The new, handmade, limited edition of MarmalAid is delicately infused with the scent of roses to conjure the memory of the beautiful roses found in every Damascene home. The marmalade recipe is inspired by Syria’s Narenj trees (bitter orange) which grow in the courtyards of old Damascus houses.


A medium-cut bitter orange marmalade infused with rosewater and made by award winning Wild and Fruitful, a Cumbria-based jam maker. You can enjoy MarmalAid on buttery toast, make cocktails with it, or even use it to glaze a ham; it can add a delicious bitter orange rosewater infusion to even the simplest dish. 220g.

Out of stock



MarmalAid is a social enterprise inspired by Syria’s own bitter oranges, and their trees which grow in the old city of Damascus. The Hands Up Foundation has created its own MarmalAid, with a Syrian twist, and has been selling it for the last three years, with all profits donated to aid projects which it supports in and around Syria. Read more about these projects at



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