It’s time for the second #MarmaladeDay as we celebrate the Seville Orange at Christmas, and there was only ever one option – it has to be Christmas Marmalade! Nothing says season’s greetings like a jar of delicious Christmas preserve, cooked in the traditional open-pan method.

marmaladejar_largeMackays’ Christmas Marmalade is only available across the festive period, making it extra special. Are there certain festive snacks you love that are only available at this time of year? We’d love to hear from you, especially if it involves our very favourite Seville Orange!

This particular marmalade uses cranberries, which blend perfectly with the bitter orange to create a very special zing. But you can also make your own concoctions using cloves, brandy or nutmeg. Or be very inventive, with even wackier additions like port, eggnog or gingerbread – just make sure to leave the sprouts out!

To share your Christmas marmalades, comment or tweet us at @MarmaladeAwards

If you’ve got an especially delicious Christmas marmalade, enter it into the 2017 Marmalade Awards! With so many fascinating flavours to choose from, it’s perfect for our new Tate & Lyle’s Marmalade with a Twist’ category. Because a good marmalade is for life, not just for Christmas.

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