As the key inspiration for our Christmas countdown, it seemed only fair that the Seville gets its own #MarmaladeDayOfChristmas. Often considered the one true marmalade orange, their coming into stock signals the proper beginning of marmalade season.

The wonderful Abel & Cole already have Seville Oranges in stock, and there are sure to be more places every day as we head further into Seville Season. We’ve already spoken about the joys of making marmalade at Christmas, and now there’s no excuse – get out your pans and get creating!


As well as a wonderful base for adding inventive flavours, from chocolate to alcohol to spices, the Seville is also perfect on its own. Get ready for the ‘Mackays Seville Orange’ category, a classic that is always a hugely popular amongst homemade marmalade makers. Mackays are the perfect patrons for this category, as their family-run company is the only remaining producer of the ‘Dundee Orange marmalade’ in Dundee, the home of Marmalade, and they still make their marmalade in the traditional open copper pots – a true spoonful of history.

pngImprove the orange in the toe of your stocking this year by replacing it with a jar of this ‘Dundee Orange’ classic instead? We think so!

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be on the look-out for more stores that stock the Seville, and will be re-tweeting and sharing them, so please be sure to let us know if you spot them anywhere, and do buy a batch for your marmalade entries this year, whether you’re entering in the Seville Orange category, First Timers, Merry Marmalade or even Marmalade with a Twist.

There is of course a Seville Orange category for the Artisan and Hotel, B&B and Restaurant competitions, so whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned marmalade producer, you can show us exactly how you think the best Seville Orange Marmalade should taste. And if you’re a first timer and you’re feeling a bit lost, Tate & Lyle have come up with some tips and ideas to ensure that your very first batch of marmalade is every bit as delicious as all those still to come.

We can’t wait to taste your creations.

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