A translation of the speech given by Mrs Jane Hasell-McCosh to the people of Yawatahama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan (scroll to the end to see the original text in English). We would like to thank the Japanese Marmalade Association’s Tomoko Alderton for kindly providing this Japanese translation.

― 祝辞(SPEECH)―



この過去 2 年は容易なものではありませんでした。今⽇ここにいる誰もがなんらかの形でコロナ禍のあおりを受けたと思います。世界中が影響を受けています。しかし、この困難は⼈々を結びつける⼒にもなりました。世界中で開催されるこのマーマレード⼤会も例外ではありません。






この⼤会は、マーマレードの起源に関わるもので、イギリスの歴史で⾔えば、約500年前に祝宴の席でエリザベス⼥王⼀世がマーマレードを⾷べたと記録されています。それ以来、マーマレードは英国の朝⾷に⽋かせないものとな り、1800年代までにはマーマレードを作る多くの企業が登場しました。 マーマレードは⾒た⽬が美しく、⽪が柔らかく、ゼリー状に固まり、バラン スのとれた⽢みと柑橘の酸味が求められます。








(翻訳 ジャパンマーマレード協会)

-Speech by Jane Hasell-McCosh –

Mayor Oshiro and honoured guests, Although I am thousands of miles away in England I am delighted to be joining you today at this ceremony to congratulate the competitors on their immense achievement.

The Dalemain Marmalade Awards in Japan has gone from strength to strength and there have been an enormous number of very high calibre marmalade entries for 2022 with stiff competition.

These past two years have not been easy and everyone here today will have been touched in some way by the pandemic. The whole world has been affected. But something as terrible as this can also unite people and the Marmalade Awards across the globe is no exception.

You have continued to go forward in spite of the difficulties. I have always believed that if one is faced with a problem there is always a solution. In view of the pandemic the solution to running the awards was only possible by working together with other people, with good will and hard work. These are the underlying principles of the Marmalade Awards and festival demonstrated by yourselves.

Throughout these last two years the City Council and the Marmalade Association have encouraged the competition and people all over Japan have continued to make marmalade. The judging has taken place often at long distance with esteemed judges both in Tokyo and Yawatahama but it has been hard work. It has been excellently organised by Mr Shintaku and with considerable good will and a fair result has been reached.

Mr Dan Lepard my Head Judge and Patron has been working this year with the judges discussing the standards of judging by zoom consultation and the judges continue to set an excellent standard that concurs with the ideals set out by the International festival at Dalemain.

The result is an ever increasing number of delicious preserves made by people throughout Japan. Your country has the added advantage over the UK of being able to cook with an extraordinary and diverse range of fruits grown in Japan. The 2022 competition is an astonishing accomplishment.

What do we mean by a good marmalade. This competition is about the creation of a preserve that goes back in history in the United kingdom to Queen Elizabeth the first who is recorded to have eaten a form of marmalade at a banquet 500 hundred years ago.

Since then Marmalade became a popular addition to the breakfast table in the UK and by the 1800’s there were many businesses making marmalade. It needs to be beautiful to look at, cooked so that the peel is soft, set so that it is not too runny and taste of citrus balanced with sugar.

In the UK we do not have the advantage that Japan has of being able to grow our own fruit and marmalade making relied on the import of fruit from Spain.

We must not forget when we are congratulating the winners that it is through the hard work of the City Council in Yawatahama led by Mayor Oshiro. It is a complex competition to organise, not made easy in current times but the work has gone well.

There is also the important role that The Marmalade Association organised by Mrs Kokubu and assisted by Mr Hiranaka in the promotion of good marmalade making and community involvement which is a vital ingredient to the success of the project and this is supported and encouraged by the generosity and time given by Ambassador Tsuruoka .

I would like to thank you for inviting me today and I would like to wish everyone a very happy evening of celebration.

Jane Hasell-McCosh