A Festive Treat at Dalemain

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a festive treat at Dalemain!   From Sunday 4th to Monday 19th December (Sunday to Thursday) we will be serving our Christmas Lunches. These will be presented in the Mediaeval Hall decked out in all its traditional Christmas finery, a roaring log fire and delicious homecooked food. Two [...]

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Christmas Lunches at Dalemain Mansion

As we race through October and the nights turn colder, we are all beginning to prepare for the winter months ahead. We're turning up the cheer with our traditional Christmas lunches, which will be served in the Mediaeval Hall throughout December! Join us for a festive treat, with homemade, delicious festive food served in the [...]

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Christmas Lunches at Dalemain Mansion

Christmas lunches will be available once again in Dalemain's Mediaeval Hall Tearoom from 3rd – 18th December (Sunday-Thursday, 12.00-2.15pm). This year, we have added new dishes to our Christmas menu such as a delicious Beef Casserole which will be served in a giant Yorkshire Pudding, as well as a new dessert: a Pear & Ginger Sticky [...]

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Christmas Lunches at Dalemain

Christmas lunches will once again be available here at Dalemain, so why not join us for a festive feast this December. Lunches will be served from 4th - 19th December (Sunday-Thursday) from 12-2:15pm. Alongside the classic roast turkey and Christmas pudding, we will be serving a variety of new dishes which all look delicious. Dalemain's [...]

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On the Tenth Day of Marmalade – Jars

For our #TenthDayofMarmalade we’re celebrating the humble jar – for as we all know at Christmas, wonderful things come in small packages. Not only would transporting your marmalade to us be a lot messier without them, but getting the right jar can help your marmalade stand out from the crowd. We love to see the [...]

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On the Ninth Day of Marmalade – Decorations

Now we’re fully into December, there’s no excuse not to have your tree up and your mistletoe out. Decorating for Christmas is always one of the highlights of the festive season – whether you’re a fan of lights, tinsel, holly or candles, nothing makes it feel like Christmas more than seeing the baubles on the [...]

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On the Eighth Day of Marmalade – Holidays!

For some, a house full of people is an integral part of the Christmas holidays. For others however, the responsibility of hosting a hoard of relatives is hardly their idea of a Merry Christmas! As our last post about international marmalade reminds us, there’s a whole world out there, so on the #8thDayOfMarmalade we’re championing [...]

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On the 7th Day Of Marmalade – Global Marmalade

Christmas is celebrated on every continent around the globe, with over 70 countries bringing their own traditions and joy to the day. And of course, other religions and cultures have their own winter celebrations, making it a universal time of joy and love all over the world. In the same way that different people bring [...]

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On the Sixth Day of Marmalade – Sevilles

As the key inspiration for our Christmas countdown, it seemed only fair that the Seville gets its own #MarmaladeDayOfChristmas. Often considered the one true marmalade orange, their coming into stock signals the proper beginning of marmalade season. The wonderful Abel & Cole already have Seville Oranges in stock, and there are sure to be more [...]

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