The Japanese Marmalade Festival

「マーマレードフェスティバル日本大会」- The Dalemain World Marmalade Awards & Festival in Japan!
Yawatahama, 16th & 17th May 2020

We are delighted to announce the return of the Japanese Marmalade Awards, following the huge success of the 2019 event. The 2020 Marmalade Awards will once again be held in Ehime, Japan in May 2020!

Dalemain has long been the ‘home of marmalade’ for aficionados around the world, with the World’s Original Marmalade Awards receiving thousands of entries every year from over 30 countries including Australia, India and Botswana. Japanese entrants are some of its most enthusiastic competitors and this passion led to the launch of the first ever Japanese Marmalade Awards & Festival in 2019. Over 1600 entries were received from 42 prefectures, and the winning entry, a Yuzu & Sancho Pepper Marmalade, has been commercially produced by world famous grocers Fortnum & Mason, and is on sale in selected Mitsukoshi stores across Japan, as well as at Fortnum’s famous Piccadilly store and Dalemain Mansion. Jane Hasell-McCosh attended the Awards & Festival, accompanied by Head Judge Dan Lepard and Michael Perry, and they had a fantastic time trying all of the Japanese entries.

Yawatahama City is located in western Shikoku, which is an island in the southwest of Japan, approximately 4-5 hours from Tokyo by plane and train. Yawatahama is one of the leading citrus producing areas in Japan, with more than 40 varieties of citruses.

The Dalemain World Marmalade Awards & Festival in Japan 2020 will take place on 16th & 17th May.  Once again, the main venue is “Minatto,” and plans are underway for many exciting marmalade celebrations such as Japan & UK cultural events, music events, marmalade-related talk shows and English Afternoon tea all around the city. The awards reception for Artisans will take place on the evening of 16th May, with the Homemade Awards taking place on the morning of the 17th May.
Judging takes place on the 7th and 8th of May. Winners will be notified, so that they can attend the Marmalade Festival and receive their awards.

Awards founder Jane Hasell-McCosh says:

She commented: ‘We always work hard at Dalemain to make the Awards & Festival a very special event and it was glorious to see this transposed so successfully to Japan. The team at Yawatahama have retained the magic of the World Marmalade Awards, while giving it a wonderfully unique Japanese twist. The winner, Yasuyo Imamura, has previously won the International Award at Dalemain and so it was a true joy to present her with the Award for the 2019 Japanese Best in Show. I am so delighted that the Japanese Awards will be returning in 2020, and I am so grateful to everyone at the Embassy of Japan in the UK and the City Government of Yawatahama for making it possible.’

To enter the Awards & Festival in Japan, send your entries to Yawatahama in Spring 2020! The entry period is from 17th February – 31st March.

For more information about the Japanese Marmalade Awards, visit the website here:  where you can find further information about competitions, categories and lots more exciting info on the Japanese Festival.

We are very grateful to sponsors Fortnum & Mason, Aohata, DCM Daiki, and Japan Airlines, for their support.

The Dalemain World Marmalade Awards & Festival in Japan follows in the footsteps of the Australian Marmalade Awards, which take place every Autumn in Adelaide. Jane Hasell-McCosh is delighted to see the joy of marmalade being shared all over the world, and hopes to introduce many more Marmalade Awards and Festivals worldwide.

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