According to Trading Standards in the UK, the legal definition of marmalade is as follows:

A mixture, brought to a suitable gelled consistency, of water, sugars and fruit pulp, fruit purée, fruit juice, fruit peel or aqueous extract of fruit or any combination thereof, in every case obtained from citrus fruit, such that the quantity of citrus fruit used for every 1000 grams of the finished product is not less than 200 grams, of which not less than 75 grams is obtained from the endocarp.

Jelly marmalade is a marmalade which contains no insoluble matter except possibly for small quantities of finely sliced peel.

Marmalade may contain the following and still be legally sold under the description “marmalade”:

Honey as a total or partial substitute for sugars

Essential oils of citrus fruits

Spirits, wine and liqueur wine, nuts, aromatic herbs, spices, vanilla and vanilla extract

If your product contains additional ingredients, you should contact your local Trading Standards for assistance with labeling.

For more information, please refer to the Jam and Similar Products Regulations and Food Information Regulations.

We hope that this information is helpful for those considering entering the Artisan Marmalade Awards   and we look forward to receiving your entries!