We are delighted to announce that the 2022 Marmalade Awards are now open!

This year the competition got off to an amazing start with bells ringing out for marmalade. A team of bell ringers rang a Quarter Peal and named it: Marmalade Delight Minor, in honour of the Awards. This musical melody was rung at St John the Baptist Church, in Clowne Derbyshire. A huge thank you to those who organised and played this beautiful tune!

The Homemade Marmalade Awards are a competition for amateur marmalade makers, with the judges looking for the very best homemade marmalade maker in the world. The Artisan Awards are for small businesses who make their marmalade using the traditional open pan method and sell it commercially, either online or in stores. The Hotel, B&B and Restaurant Awards are for any business that makes marmalade or preserves in their own kitchen and sells it to their customers.

Please send your entries to Dalemain Mansion with the entry form and entry fee included.

The competition is open until Friday 11th February.

The World’s Original Marmalade Awards will take place at Dalemain Mansion on Saturday 14th May 2022. A fun-filled day celebrating all things marmalade.