As Paddington, everyone’s favourite marmalade-loving bear always says, every family should have a marmalade day. One of the nicest things about marmalade making is the way it provides the opportunity to take time out from the chaos (especially at this time of year!) and do something as a family.

We’ve always found that people’s favourite marmalade recipes are often those passed down through the generations. Here at Dalemain we’re no exception – the first Dalemain marmalade, ‘Jane’s Marmalade’ is a recipe Jane Janes MarmaladeHasell-McCosh used to make with her mother, and nowadays it battles for popularity with ‘George’s Marmalade’, her son’s favourite preserve. Without these recipes, Jane’s abiding love for quality marmalade might never have developed and the Awards would
never have been founded. There’s definitely something very special about the idea of teaching your child a skill using ideas from your own grand or even great-grandparents.

Christmas can often be a crazy period, with the days flying by almost too quickly to keep track of, but if you can make the time this December to have a day of delicious marmalade making, the season might just be all the better for it. For our #ThirdDayOfMarmalade we’re celebrating the magic of rhythmically slicing the peel and watching your marmalade bubbling away, and as with every joyous activity, it’s always more fun to share. Which is why we’ve always had a Children’s Marmalade category that allows a little help from adults – and 2017 is of course no exception.

isabella-martynHere’s a throwback to one of our favourite family marmalade making teams – Martin and Isabel Whittaker’s beautifully decorated marmalade.
Look at the gorgeous carved labels! We’d love to hear stories about your family making marmalade at Christmas – were you taught by a family member? Do you have any old family recipes that you still love to make? If you’ve never made marmalade before, we’d love it if you gave it a try for the first time this winter – and let us know how it went! As well as our Children’s Marmalade category, we’ve got a First Timer’s category that always yields fantastic results.

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Have a Very Merry Marmalade!

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