The World’s Original Marmalade
Awards & Festival at Dalemain

28th February & 1st March 2015 @MarmaladeAwards




World’s Best Marmalade Makers Announced at 2015 Marmalade Festival

Traditional fans of the sticky breakfast table favourite may get a shock when digging into a jar of this year’s winning marmalades but the team at Dalemain can assure them they will be pleasantly surprised. This year has seen the most exotic ingredients added to the preserve and what a success these inventive endeavours have been. Marmalades packed with Velvety honey, punchy vodka, bitter coffee, rich amontadillo and even tiny sprinkles of gold have made their way across the globe for the 10th annual World’s Original Marmalade Awards and Festival.


The Scots have been narrowly pipped to the post for the past few years but this year they are bringing home not one but two DOUBLE GOLD homemade awards. Sponsored by Mackays, Fortnum & Mason and Paddington the awards were presented during the festival which is taking place this weekend (28th Feb & 1st March) at Dalemain Mansion in Cumbria, England.  Joint winner Catie Gladstone’s rich and smooth Hamilton Honey Marmalade in the “Stirring of the Clans” category was “a breath of Scotland’s misty lands”, whilst the Gardening Leave Army Veteran’s Charity Marmalade* in the “Military Marmalade” category proved that traditional Seville Marmalade can still hold its own against exotic newcomers. The marmalade was made by Colin, Shug and Mick at the charity’s Ayr project under the guidance of horticultural therapist Victoria Brown, whose family recipe was used. Both DOUBLE GOLD winners will be offered the opportunity to have their marmalades stocked in Fortnum & Mason.

* The charity tends to the invisible wounds of conflict suffered by so many of Britain’s service men and women through the use of horticultural therapy.

Catie Gladstone said:

“I was absolutely amazed and delighted to win this award, especially as it was the first batch of marmalade I had ever made! I was guided through the making process by my Aunt Sona who inspired me to enter the competition. I used delicious local honey from Dumfriesshire as an alternative to sugar because I wanted to celebrate my Scottish heritage through my marmalade.”

Four of the Gold homemade winners hailed from Scotland, two from Japan, one from New York and seven from England.

Martin Grant, Managing Director, Mackays comments:

Mackays are delighted to be sponsoring the homemade categories of this year’s World Marmalade Awards, especially as it’s the 10th anniversary of the competition.   I enjoyed presenting some of the awards to the winners this weekend and hope that the popularity of the competition continues to grow for years to come. As authentic marmalade makers, who export to over 60 markets around the world, it’s fantastic to see growth in the number of international entries again this year.”


Four Artisan marmalade producers were awarded DOUBLE GOLD gongs for their delicious, yet unusual marmalades. The four marmalade maestros will also have their winning recipes stocked in Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly.

The Proper Marmalade Company, who work with local fruit producers in Devon, impressed the judges with their Fine Cut Seville Orange ‘Tawny Marmalade’ whilst Galore! Foods, who celebrate the natural abundance of the seasons through their preserves, bravely added Amontillado Sherry to their marmalade; clearly a winning combination.

Marmeady Safranko took home a DOUBLE GOLD Award for their Lemon & Mochito Marmalade whilst Radnor Preserves created the perfect marmalade to be eaten with sausages. With unanimous approval from all the judges, their Smoky Campfire Marmalade was also awarded a DOUBLE GOLD.

Other interesting marmalade flavours to win GOLD at this year’s Awards included:

  • Daidai Orange & Sake, Sprinkled with Gold
  • Seville Orange & Cointreau
  • Pomelo, Ginger, Cardamom & Lemongrass
  • Seville & Laphroaig
  • Buddha’s Hand Citron & Buddha’s Hand Citron Vodka

Karen Jankel, daughter of Paddington Bear author Michael Bond comments:

As a patron and proud supporter of the Marmalade Awards I was delighted by this year’s record number of entries from around the world.  In fact there were so many that Paddington had quite a job trying them all, particularly since he always has to test each one several times just to make sure!


Wemyss House B&B in Bayfield proudly took home the Hotel, B&B & Restaurant DOUBLE GOLD gong, sponsored by Mrs Bridges, for their Fine Cut Seville Orange Marmalade which impressed the judges with its powerful flavour and added to Scotland’s success at the 2015 Marmalade Awards.

In addition to the inventive list of ingredients, entrants this year were also more imaginative than ever before with their label making and presentation which made the job of unwrapping all the jars even more enjoyable. One judge commented, “I’ve never had to pluck my marmalade before eating it before” as they carefully removed beautiful feathers from the lid of a jar in the Marmalade MacNab category whilst others read through enchanting letters, newspaper cuttings and recipes accompanying the golden jars.  The Best In Show Label Winner was Janice Holbrook from Essex.

The 2015 awards new categories also proved particularly popular with fifty entries for the Stirring of the Clans and seventy for the Marmalade MacNab. The awards team were also pleased to see how many children had entered the awards again this year with a class from Threkeld Primary School in Cumbria winning the Paddington Bear Childrens’ category. The Marmalade Awards have proven themselves again as THE award for marmalade with entrants aged 3 to 101 taking part in 2015.

Marmalade Awards & Festival organiser, Jane Hasell-McCosh, said: “Once again I am astounded by the number of entries we have received at Dalemain and am delighted that participants have been brave enough to enter the new 2015 categories; resulting in a record number of entries for our 10thAnniversary. This year we’ve received jars from as far afield as Australia, India, Canada, the Bahamas, Japan and Singapore; demonstrating that the appeal of Marmalade continues to cross international boundaries. The aim of the awards has always been to celebrate and save the Seville Orange by encouraging people to eat, make and cook with marmalade and from the number of entries received it seems that we are still managing to achieve that goal which is so exciting. I’m already looking forward to seeing what ingredients people come up with next year!”

For more details of all the winners, both amateur and artisan, of this year’s Awards, go to: The festival kicks off National Marmalade Week (1-8 March 2014), overseen by the awards’ organisers, which encourages people to try, buy or make marmalade.


For further information or if you would like to request an interview with the organiser or one of the winners, please contact Lou Lou Graham:

Lou Lou Graham: / 07545550916


Martin Hunt: / 0131 557 0341 / 07767 401 760


Claire Hexter: / 017684 86450

Notes to editors:

Homemade Category Winners

  • Seville Orange Marmalade – Jane Boylan, Cumbria
  • Military Marmalade – Gardening Leave Army Veterans Charity, Ayr (overall joint winner)
  • Dark & Chunky Marmalade – Jo Aldhouse, Oxfordshire
  • Clergy Marmalade – Rev R.W. Thompson, Yorkshire
  • Children’s Marmalade – Threlkeld School, Cumbria
  • Man-Made Marmalade – Jonathan Hamel Cooke, Bukinghamshire
  • The 10th Anniversary Marmalade with Interesting Additions – Jenny Basford, Norfolk
  • 1st Timers Marmalade – Sue Cole, Perthshire
  • International & Commonwealth Marmalade – Etsuko Sugimoto, Japan
  • Merry Marmalade – Veda Karlo, New York
  • Campanologists Marmalade – Amanda Rodger, Dumfries & Galloway
  • Any Citrus Marmalade – Atsuko Hayashi, Japan
  • Peers & Political Marmalade – Lord Henley, Cumbria
  • A Marmalade MacNab – Emma Mackenzie, Inverness
  • A Stirring of the Clans – Catie Gladstone, Dumfrieshire (overall joint winner)

The Marmalade Awards – What are they all about?

These quirky awards were founded in 2006 by Jane Hasell-McCosh with the initial idea of preserving, growing and widening one of the most British of customs – making marmalade. They have gone on to generate a following far beyond Jane’s wildest expectations and have humour and a life of their own, inspiring people from all over the world to get involved.

The Awards are centred on Dalemain Mansion; a Georgian stately home lived in by the same family for over 300 years, which also happens to hold a very rich archive of Marmalade recipes.

The Awards & Festival are sponsored by Mackays, Fortnum & Mason, Paddington Bear, Mrs Bridges Marmalade, wine merchants Laithwaite’s, Patteson’s Glass our approved suppliers of marmalade jars, Hudson’s media all UK owned businesses.  Festival Supporters include Country Life, Barclays, Brindista, Epic Events, Lycetts, Virgin Rail, Aga, Sharrow Bay, Ullswater Steamers & Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors.

To date the Dalemain Marmalade Awards & Festival have raised over £150,000 for Hospice at Home.  This year the money raised from amateur entry fees will go to Hospice at Home, Action Medical Research and Marie Curie Scotland. All the proceeds from the amateur entry fees go direct to these charities.

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